Huntington’s Disease North Wales Branch

Our North Wales HD Branch is a support group for sufferers, carers, family members at risk, and all those affected by Huntington’s Disease. We are part of the national organisation, but more informal as well as more local.

This local Branch was formed in 2010. Initially the Branch was formed with members from Anglesey and Gwynedd. During the past 2 years we have raised a considerable amount of awareness of Huntington’s Disease through the commitment and dedication of branch members and our SHDA thus allowing the group to expand and welcome new members from the counties of Conwy and Denbighshire.

Meetings and events planned for the future will be held throughout the 4 counties of North Wales.

Discovering Huntington’s disease in a family is a traumatic experience. You may feel isolated, drained, angry, confused and both physically and emotionally exhausted.

Whether you are a sufferer, at risk or a carer, you may wish to talk about things through with others who have personal experience, understand and can relate to your feelings of frustration and worry.

We aim to offer mutual support in a friendly atmosphere, where families, carers and individuals can mix socially to share their thoughts and experiences, or just to let off steam.

We can offer information and literature on all aspects of Huntington’s Disease.

Most important we can put you in touch with our Specialist HD Adviser, Alwena. We form local links with professionals and other groups in the community and frequently invite guest speakers to give interesting talks.

These talks can provide us with information about local Statutory and 3rd Sector services in the area, funding and grants, advice on welfare and benefits, local projects through various establishments and organisations.

Our local HDA Branch is an integral part of any service initiative in relation to Huntington’s Disease. We exist to further the aim of the HDA and to provide a local point for sufferers, carers and those at risk of HD who live in the 4 counties of North Wales.

This Branch group of HDA organises events to raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease and raise funds through numerous fundraising events. The funds we raise can provide help to local families with practical problems and provide a substantial amount of direct care which helps to improve the quality of life for the Huntington’s Disease patient.